Quotes Prophet Of The Christ. You are the best. Come back next week. I'll have more friends at the next show. I'm expecting at least 1,000 people. Let me know how much we have to pay. We really miss you. Quotes
Clairvoyant Group Reading

Quotes Hey Prophet Of The Christ. I'm excited to have finally scheduled my reading. Thumbs up. Accurate,gifted,caring. Love you,Prophetess Quotes
Maria Gomez-Master Clairvoyant
Psychic Reading

Quotes Hey,Prophet! We really enjoyed the Prophecy. Especially when you made John faint because he thought you were another fake psychic. When you described his kids,he fell out on the floor. Man,that was scary,Rev. Come back so we can see you Prophesy again..Thanks Quotes
Male Client
Reading At My Party

Quotes I had sent my free question and asked about my money problems. You told you you saw a lost of a stream of income. I had lost my job two days before I emailed you. I borrowed $65 from my cousin so I can make my offering for a 30 min reading. Thank you for offering free readings,bless you prophetess Quotes
Maria Santos
Free Emailed Reading

Quotes Prophet,you are truly The Prophet Of The Christ. You prophesyed my entire life's destiny without me asking you any questions. God bless you! You will be greater than any other prophets! Quotes
Master Prophet Mike
Excellent Prophesy

Quotes What's up,psychic. You have really showed a deal of psychic powers at my party. That reading was amazingly accurate. I was hurt to learn that my husband was bi but at least he admitted it. Oh,yeah and I'm divorcing him for lying for 10 years. Can I schedule a medium reading? I need you to contact my mom to see if she has any messages for me. Thanks Quotes
Shirley C.
Clairvoyant Group Reading

Quotes You are The Prophet Of The Christ! I'm excited to have finally met you in person. My reading was superbly accurate,you have the best predictions on line,mostly all happened,Love you muchly,Namaste Quotes
High Priestess,Jennifer Hernandez(7 Witches Covenant)
Clairvoyant Reading

Quotes Oh,you broke my heart when you discribed that blond haired girl who I kept dreaming about. I couldn't figure out why I was seeing her in my visions. Now,I know. John is having an affair with her. That sick,man. After,he lied five times,he actually admitted that's exactly who he has been seeing when he was claiming to be work ing later. I'm so hurt Pastor,can you schedule me for 2,3 or 4am,I'll pay more money. Please Pastor. I'm begging you.. Quotes
Psychic Michelle(Lady Of The Stars)

Quotes WOW,woman of God! It's was a dear blessing from our Lord to have you present in our Sanctuary of over 1,000 members. I know that the crowd was so huge for you to be able to disern who you were reading.Your reading was amazingly accurate until my sister fainted when you discribed her late husband's face on down to the way that he dressed with the suspenders when he was alive.We southern folks never seen any true powers like that especially,we're Catholic folks. Love you much,Rev.Come back Quotes

Quotes Reverend thank you so much! Especially for not discriminating against me for being a wiccian instead of a christian like you. Your predictions has come true,unfortunately my aunt died 2 wks before my mom like you predicted. The number 6 that you said was a month. You were right June 6,when my mom died.My aunt died June 26,so close together. I'm so sad right now. That white light blessing has been working so good,I've started back doing spells for clients and working again. Thanks Quotes
High Priestess Morgan
Reading/White Light Blessing