Questions About The Prophetess

  1. Are you a Christian,Psychic or a Prophetess?

    She is  a Saved Christian who possesses and uses the psychic powers,which are also known to us Christians as The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit. You can read about this in The Holy Bible 1Corinthians 1-7 and 14:1-7. She's a Prophet,Prophetess because she is an Oracle of God who listens clearly to God's voice. She receives visions,revelations,prophetic visions is able to provide accurate prophecies,sessions and predictions using these Gifts. She's a Prophetic Minister who is able to provide people who may be searching for God or who are already saved with a clear analysis of God's plan for their life on or off of this earth

  2. Why Do You Charge For Your Services? Why Not Do Everything For Free?

    The Prophetess charges because she works a regular job during the day and she is often stressed,tired and she is putting in a lot of work into her business and ministry. She requires an offering because it is only right for her to be compensated for all of her hard work and time. She OFFERS free readings via email. She also offers free chat readings unlike most psychics,prophets,witches who would never offer anything for FREE. The Prophet is known as The Prophet Of The Christ,simply put because she's AWESOME and she is trully here to help and to assist you! Her prophecies are astounding,most have already come true. Her sessions are SUPERB! She has cheap prices,flat rates or per minute rates which ARE geared towards the SMALLEST incomes! She will prove why she is The Prophet Of The Christ

  3. Are You 100% Accurate? Do Everything That You See Happens? What If You Saw Someone Die,divorce Or Have A Serious Accident? Are You 100% Honest? Are You Going To Hurt My Feelings?

    The Prophetess would never claim to be 100% accurate because no one is perfect. If a psychic,prophet,witch or the like say that they are 100% accurate or perfect,they are NOT being honest. I would suggest saving your money and not doing business with that person or company. The Prophetess is very CAUTIOUS when conducting sessions. She is ALWAYS caring at all times. She's never judgemental,ignorant or rude. She believes whole heartedly in honesty,faith and integrity. She will give you the truth,exactly as Christ is showing it to her. Being lied to,conned or manipulated is horrible,unscrupulous and it's unfair to you who is paying for a session. She;s The Prophet Of The Christ because of her accuracy,intuitiveness and her discipline to follow God's direction closely. Unfortunately,The Prophetess has prophesied,deaths,accidents,divorces,heartaches and pain. Unfortunately,life is full of ups and downs,highs and lows. The Prophetess will always be caring,gentle with you if she see's terrible outcomes surrounding you. Being forwarned,you can always change or alter a lot of situations due to you knowing your future

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Questions About Services

  1. Do You Service Gays And Lesbians?

    Yes,The Prophetess services Gays As Well as Lesbians. She is NON judgmental when it comes to people needing help.

  2. What Areas Do You Service? What About Different Countries?

    If you're outside of the United States,unfortunately The Prophetess can NOT call you for a phone session. You can ONLY receive emailed sessions(which are JUST as accurate as a phone session with The Prophetess. Yes,Christian Gifted Psychics services ALL locations!!

  3. What If I Am Confused And I Do Not Know Which Of Your Services To Select? Can You Help?

    If you need help in selecting a service. Please make sure that you read the site and it's entirety just to make sure that you fully understand everything. However,if and when you read the entire site and you're still confused. Please,don't hesitate to let The Prophetess know that you're confused or that you need help in selecting a service. The Prophetess will always do her very best to assist you.

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  1. What About Refunds For Any Services? Can I Get My Money Back?

    The Prophetess DOES NOT offer any refunds,once the service is performed! This is a smack in the face to The Psychic after she has performed your service. If she has not performed your service and you've made a payment(offering) and you've decided that you want to cancel,reschedule or just don't want the service. YES,you WILL get refunded 100% guaranteed! However,again if The Prophetess has already performed a session or a White Light Blessing. No,she will NOT give you a refund due to the services already being performed

  2. How Do I Pay? Do You Accept Cash,Checks,Money Orders? I Don't Want To Give My Credit Card Information Out To You

    Reverend Prophetess Lady Of Wisdom has a secure Pay Pal account which you are able to pay via an automated system. You have to use either a debit,credit card or you may purchase a prepaid debit card from Walgreens,7 Eleven,Target,CVS,Rite Aid and other stores. She also accepts payments over the phone using a secure debit care system called Square. You provide your debit,credit card information over the phone,text or via email,your payment will be securely processed and you will be emailed or text a receipt of transaction from Christian Gifted Psychics/Holy Witches Chapel.Unfortunately,she does NOT accept cash unless you're having an in person session. This is ONLY a case by case basis. Generally,no cash,checks or money orders accepted due to checks bouncing or money orders not being available in a timely manner

  3. How Do I Arrange An Appointment For A Phone Session? Are You Available In Person? Can You Come To My Church To Conduct A Group Reading? Can I have An Emailed Reading?

    The Prophetess has her appointment 's schedule on the sessions page,you must first make your payment(offering) for your phone session at least 24 hours before your appointment. If your payment has NOT been recieved in this time,your appointment for your phone session will be cancelled.  If you're interested in booking The Prophetess,she is ONLY limited to Philadelphia, Pa local churches and parties due to traveling,scheduling restraints. All instructions are provided in the Group,In person sessions page on how to book The Prophetess. If you're having an emailed session,instructions are provided carefully in the emailed  session. Remember to ask questions if you're confused

  4. Rescheduling,Being Late For Phone Sessions,Not Calling To Cancel Phone Sessions

    Please be considerate of The Prophetess who is performing your session. If you need to cancel your phone session,PLEASE call The Prophetess directly to cancel your phone session. This is an inconvience to The Prophetess as  well as to other clients who may have wanted your appointment or who who may  had to have their session performed late due to you FAILING to cancel. There is a $5 fee for FAILING to cancel sessions. The next time that you have an a session,you will have to pay the 5$ fee for failing to contact The Prophetess to cancel. This is done NOT to take your money but to help you realize that this is a business as well as a ministry,other clients may be inconvienced due to you failing to cancel your phone session. If you're going to be late,please inform The Prophetess because she may have to reschedule you for later that night for your session,depending how many people are already scheduled. The worst case scenario is that you'll get rescheduled for the next day. Please let The Prophetess know at least hours ahead of time if you're especially cancelling or rescheduling your phone session.

  5. What's Pay Pal? Is Pay Pal Secure? Do I Need A Pay Pal Account To Make My Offering Or To Give A Gift?

    Pay Pal is a secure on line merchant's account that is COMMONLY used by merchants to accept payments. Your information IS secure and protected while using Pay Pal. She can NOT see any of your information while you're using pay pal to make your offering or while you're giving a gift. No,you do NOT need to have a Pay Pal account in order to use pay pal. ***Note***You MUST make sure that the appropiate funds are AVAILABLE on your debit or credit card in order for The Prophetess to be able to provide the requested service(s) without any delays or problems. So,please make sure that you DOUBLE check pricing and any other information correctly to avoid problems with either charge backs,refunds or not being able to recieve desired service(s) in a timely manner. If you're UNSURE of how to utilize Pay Pal,please ask The Prophetess

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Media? Interviews? Appearances?

  1. Is Reverend Prophetess Lady Of Wisdom Interested In Media Appearances And Interviews?

    Yes,Yes,Yes! Reverend Prophetess Lady Of Wisdom is AVAILABLE for media interviews and appearances. In fact she was just recently asked by an author to be featured inside of a book,explaning her gifts and her mission on this earth. Yes,if you are from the media and are interested in interviewing Reverend Prophetess Lady Of Wisdom. Please contact us through the contact page. You can email her at [email protected]. Thank you!

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